Thursday, January 14, 2010


Paul's surgery has been scheduled for Monday, so scary, but it needs to be done. The risks really freaked Paul out. But I am trying to stay positive. This procedure has a high success rate. It's called a Lumbar Microdiscectomy. It's considered minimally invasive. I hope we can handle this. Considering I am 28 weeks pregnant!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And the new year begins...

Since I have not posted in a while I guess I have to do the catch up thing.

Thanksgiving with my family was awesome. I always love seeing my aunts and uncles and cousins. They are all such wonderful people. By Saturday I was sick as hell. Sunday even sicker. I tried to go to dinner with my in-laws, even if it was just for an hour, but I couldn't. I don't think I have been that sick in years. qAfter the fact I found out that they thought I was pregnancy sick. Um no. I have only had about 6 of those days total, I had a cold in a BAD way!

Christmas with my family was good. Went to my Mom's for Christmas Eve. I got to see my Uncle Rob. I have not seen him in years because he lives in Colorado. A nice quiet evening, spoiling my nephew, eating Mom's home made italian dinner. On Christmas Day Paul and I slept in, enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas morning together and made a point not to rush. I made some food and headed off to his sisters in Schaumburg. His sister and mother were surprisingly nice to me. Not that they are normally mean, but they are never this nice. I have never really felt comfortable around his family. Maybe they finally feel they have something in common with me. So be it. Paul was not comfortable at all. He felt as if he was getting some major attitude from his Dad. He wouldn't tell me any specifics, but I know whatever was going on was not good. I'll just say that I am glad the holidays are over.

NYE was strange for me being pregnant and sober. I had a few mimosas, but I am usually tanked on NYE. We decided to stay home. I offered to drive somewhere, free designated driver when your wife is pregnant. Paul declined, said he's rather we stay home. He didn't want some drunk to hit us. Is that maturity I see? Glad he made that decision, I probably wouldn't have had much of a good time being out anyway. We usually stay in, but there's always someone around. We usually have an open invitation for NYE. We talked to Patrick earlier in the day and he was asking if him and Lexi could come by, Paul said we would talk it over and get back to him. We thought that would be fine, Paul called back 20 minutes later, got no answer and never heard back from them all night. He left a message that they were welcome to come over. Dave was out of town. So it ended up being just us. It was nice.

So back to reality. It was nice having a couple long weekends. We got started on the baby's room, but are no where near finished. There is still a lot of boxes in there that we need to go through and get out of there. As far as decorating, very little needs to be done, we just need to change the border and the window valance. Kelly has been so kind to offer me her crib and changing station! :) I am still trying to pick out some bedding I like. Last week she took me to get registered. I don't think I could have done it without her. It's hard to believe I am 6 months pregnant already. Next week I start the third trimester. The little guy still has no name. I am shooting for Jesse. He's very active now, he's kicking me all the time, especially at night. In the evening when we watch tv and when I sleep Paul says he can feel him move. I am starting to have some physical restrictions. It's hard to get up from laying down, I can't bend over as far and I have a hard time putting my socks on. There are other things too, like opening doors and reaching things because I can't get as close to the counter anymore. There's a few other things, but I won't get into that.

So today I got a call from the attorney, Paul's surgery has been approved! We will wait a couple days for the doctors office to call and get it scheduled. I am thankful because I don't want him to be laid up the same time I am and he needs to be better by the time the baby comes. This could happen as early as next week. It's scary and good all at the same time. I hope this makes him better and he can live pain free. It will be a 6 week recovery, but I can deal with that, it's been 6 months of pain and suffering for him. At least now there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I want him to be able to be a father to his son.

I am hoping this is the first of good things to come!