Monday, September 26, 2011

The First Scare

Yesterday we had our first scare. We were asking ourselves if we should take him to the ER.

I'll rewind. Yesterday I had my cousins baby shower. It was fun. My Mom and sister were there, cousins and aunts too. It was great seeing everyone. I got to talk to everyone a little, which I rarely do, especially with Jesse. The shower started right at Jesse's nap time, so I left him behind. Which also freed up my arms to sweet miss Faith (my 5 month old neice). I even stayed until the end.

Before I left I meant to grab a balloon for Jesse and it completely slipped my mind. I had been planning on making a stop to the dollar store at some point, so I stopped on my way home and got him a new balloon and some more glow sticks. He just loved the balloon! I knew he would. Paul had a friend over so we were in and out of the house. We were sitting in the garage and Jesse was playing in the driveway. He fell. It happens, a lot. I saw him fall, but something was different this time. It wasn't how he fell. Could have been they cry he let out, or quite possibly mothers instinct (if such a thing exists). I sprinted over to him and scooped him up, he hugged me back, which doesn't happen often. I got a look at his face and saw blood and rushed him into the house.

There was blood, lots of blood. I had a hard time finding what was even bleeding, but I knew it was inside his mouth. I saw the blood accumulating in his mouth, just seeing his teeth and not the gums. I kept calm, got him a cup of water and some damp paper towels. Paul was convinced a tooth came out, or was loose and that there was something drastically wrong. I remained calm and gave it time. After a few minutes the bleeding started to subside and I saw that his tooth cut the inside of his bottom lip and didn't appear to need stitches. Had the bleeding kept it's beginning pace, a trip to the ER would have happened.

15 minutes and a popsicle later, he was smiling again. Whew!
He has a little road rash between his nose and chin, but that should go away soon. Nothing on the outside of his face was bleeding, just some minor scraping. I called the plastic surgeons office and they said to keep it clean and dry. If the skin is too raw to use some antibacterial ointment on it to prevent infection.

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