Wednesday, October 24, 2012


What an inspiring week it's been. Last week I was asked to write an article about my experiences with my son in relation to beauty for a friends Alternative Modeling site. I really enjoyed writing this piece.

Then Sunday we had our 2nd Annual AmeriFace Family Fun Fest. Another low turn out this year, but it was still an amazing event. I met 2 more families I have networked with online. We all live in different parts of Illinois, so we met at a Pumpkin Farm in DeKalb. I was dreading the drive there, but in retrospect, it wasn't that bad and not as far as I thought. There were 4 families, plus Robin, our area Coordinator. All 4 families have boys and all the boys are 2, all born within a few months of each other. Here's the group picture we attempted. It cracks me up, but it's the image of an amazing experience.  

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