Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year

December came and went lik a blur. But now, January 2nd, I am able to breathe and reflect on the past and look forward into the future.

December was a busy month. I worked, a lot! But it was good. We needed the extra money and it came just in time. I managed to squeeze in some time to bake too. Paul got approved for the Spinal Cord Stimulator trial, so that all happened, 2 weeks before Christmas. It went well, despite the fact that it was extremely uncomfortable for him. They placed 2 wires in his back to block pain signals. He instantly knew it was working for him. They put it in on a Friday and took it out on Monday. The perminant one will be fully internal and hopefully not uncomfortable at all.

sorry, I know this is kind of gross

first time making peanut butter blossoms

one of my favorites

I worked Christmas Eve. This is the first time I have ever worked at a job like this on Christmas Eve. Of course I have worked at office job on that day, but was released by noon or 1pm so I could go to my Christmas Eve festivities. This year I requested 1st cut and got it. I talked to some of the other girls who were coming in early too, to inquire how I can expect this to go. I was told we'd be there until the evening crew came in, so I was thinking I'd be off between 5 and 6, maybe even 7pm. I decided to have the family at my house, so I could just come home and join the party. Unfortunately I didn't arrive home until 8:40. They waited to do the gifts, which happened fast and everyone was off to their own homes. I was upset, I pretty much missed Christmas with my family. I didn't realize I was making this sacrifice when I signed up to do this job. I made good money, really good. But was it worth it? I still don't know. If I am doing this job next year, I now know what to expect and I can plan accordingly.


trying out the stockings

I love having a fireplace

Christmas morning was good. I was well rested after the hard work from the night before, Jesse slept in (I know I need to enjoy this while it lasts), Paul and I were up before him and made coffee andprepared for the day. We spent the afternoon with Paul's family and the evening with my Dad's family. I know Paul's family was upset we left early, but this year, I wanted to spend some extra time with my family, my parents were leaving before the new year.


LeapPad, new addiction

the mess

We even got a little snow (not on Christmas though)

Jesse did well!

Now we have enetered a new year. I can only hope that this year is better than the last. Even though we had many good times, we have also had a lot of setbacks. I am thankful that we managed to keep afloat during the hard times. We came up with solutions to fix some problems, which may be better for our family anyway.

I am not big on New Years Resolutions but I am making them this year and hopefully I can stay strong and stick to them. I want to eat healthier again. I am not going to say I want to loose weight, I want to, I am also a very busy mother and it can be difficult, but I CAN try to eat better. I also want to try and be more positive. It's hard sometimes to pick yourself up when you've been knocked down. But staying down when when you have been kicked is like accepting defeat. I am still not defeated and I want to make sure I pick myself back up when this happens and face my challenges head on.

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