Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Glove

I have not posted in a while, but that's usually a good thing. I tend to post more when I need to vent or something is bothering me. I almost wish I could post the happy things, but sometimes I just want to keep them to myself.

I am posting today for both reasons, I had quite the range of emotions last night......
Jesse had his first t-ball practice at 6pm. He just turned 5 and is in the 5-6 year old T-Ball. Since he literally JUST turned 5, I am guessing he's one of the younger ones, but most of these kids have never played before on a team. I got home from work at 5pm, as usual. Thinking ahead I ask Jesse and Paul where his glove is. Last time I saw it was when I brought it in the house from the truck after the t-ball meeting last Thursday evening. Neither of them know where it is, so we all start looking. Our house isn't very big, so it didn't take long before we looked literally everywhere, we begin going back to places we've already looked. It's now 20 minutes to 6 and we need to leave in 5 minutes. I am about ready to run to Target for a new one and Paul is telling Jesse if he doesn't find it, no T-ball and he's taking the Wii away until next winter. Now I am getting upset, because I really don't think that's fair, but understand my husbands frustration and feeling the need to punish. by 5:45, I had officially given up looking. I am telling myself that I can talk Paul out of cancelling t-ball for Jesse. There's another practice on Friday, we can get him caught up. The kid just turned 5, kids can not be trusted at that age.

"I found it!" I hear my husband call from the other room. "Oh, where was it?"
"Under the sofa cushion."
I scan back through my memory of Thursday night, I recall my husband telling my son to sit on his glove so he can catch easier. He admits he put it under the couch cushion, but said he took it out and that Jesse must have put it back. I find this hard to believe. I think he's saying that so he's not the asshole (which now I am thinking he is). We leave for practice and arrive 10 minutes late. It wasn't an issue and I am happy t-ball isn't being taken away from my son. He's only 5 once and I don't want to take these things away from him. Taking the Wii is one thing, I am ok with that, but children need sports and other activities so they can be kids.

Practice started and I see my kid goofing off. Great. I have the class clown. I yell at him once from the sidelines and my husband reminds me to not be that parent. I back off and keep my mouth shut. I don't want to be that parent, so I welcomed the reminder. It becomes Jesse's turn to bat and I am telling myself, "Please listen to your coach and pay attention." Much to my surprise, he does..... then hits the ball out of the infield! What?!? Did that really just happen?? Yes, yes it did. The other parents on the sidelines are cheering. My heart is filled with pride. Next ball he misses. Then he hits another one! A pop up to the outfield, the parents all cheer again! The coach is letting every child get 2 hits, so this meant his turn is over. The coach puts him at short stop. The next 2 batters hit their balls directly to him. He fumbles a bit, but gets the ball over to first base. He starts goofing off again and now he's making all the parents laugh. Ok, I am glad he's amusing, I just hope this goofing off doesn't last. If he's not paying attention, the kid's gonna get hurt.

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