Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The story of a rough night

Being a mother has it's challenges and rewards. Last night I had both. This happens often, the challenge in itself becomes the reward. Last night I got home from my softball game. Jesse had gone to bed and woken shortly before I arrived. I gave him a few minutes by taking the trash out and hoping the red lights on the monitor would be gone when I made my return, but much to my dismay, all 5 lights would light up every few seconds. I guess I should go in.
I entered his bedroom, which had become warm and muggy. I get his diaper changed and head out to the living room to offer him some milk and a snack so I can assess the problem. He's stuffy, but tht often happens when he's crying and upset. Hell, I get stuffy when I cry.
We hang out with him for a bit, try some soothing, but nothing seems to be working really. It was time for Paul and I to hit the sack, so I out him back to bed with some Tylenol and hope for the best. Mission not a success. I think he was crying hourly. Finally at 5am I get up with him and bring him out to the couch with me. He falls asleep on the couch, so do I. I was finally able to soothe my little man back to sleep. That right there is the reward, despite the fact that it's 5:20am. Shortly after I was asleep. Unfortunately his pleasant slumber was disruped when he rolled off the couch at 7:20am. He was fine, just scared the crap out of him.

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