Thursday, September 23, 2010

I guess I feel like talking about myself

Things I like:
  • I like being a Mom. Sure sometimes it's hard, but it's so worth it.
  • I like cheese. It's almost an addiction. Any kind, literally.
  • Speaking off food addictions, I like crunchy things. Like Guy Fiery says, I like things that are crunchified.
  • I like music, it inspires me.
  • I like to read, but only things that are real. I don't want to hear some made up story when I can find one better that actually happened.
  • I like being outside, despite my allergies. I like things that stimulate the senses.
  • I like photography, looking at what other people see through their lens and making art through my own. I take mental pictures more than the ones with a camera.
  • I like playing sports, but I hate exercising. If I am going to be physical, I want to have some kind of instant gratification or success, a goal that I can meet instantly or a destination. Like why ride a stationary bike in a gym when you can ride one that actually goes somewhere? Why hop on a stair climber when you can hike up the rocks in the woods? Why do an aerobics class when you can play basketball or tennis or softball.
  • I like to do research. Not for my job, that's boring, I like researching things and educating myself. Like medical stuff, for Jesse, Paul's back, things I may have going on or for creative ideas.
  • I like listening to children giggle.
  • I like the smell of fabric softener, especially Bounce and Gain.
  • I love "crispy" new clean sheets that are cold when you climb in.
  • I like artichokes the way Mom makes them. Steamed with melted butter to dip the leaves in. Paul calls them pinecones.
  • Which brings me to another point, I like my Mom's cooking, even if she burns the bread.
  • I like Aunt Carrie. She's such a special woman. I don't even know where she came from, send from the fairies or something. She's so normal, yet amazing. I really admire her.
  • I like movies that make you think, especially the ones that are "based on a true story".
  • I like wasabi peas.
  • I like wearing sunglasses.
  • I like boating with my Dad.
  • I like my family's sarcasm.
  • I like pesto, a lot!
  • I like being crafty, but I don't do it enough.
  • I like saving money by buying things on sale or using coupons.
  • I like listening to gossip.
  • I like being true to myself. I wasn't when I was younger and it really messed me up in the head.
  • I like watching hummingbirds.
  • I like visiting new places to see new things.
  • I like fall camping in the woods. The smells, the cool crisp air, the campfire, roughin' it.
  • I like being friends with my family.
  • I like going to baseball games and Nascar races.
  • I like watching my son discover new things.
  • I like tradition.
  • I like a rot rod with loud exhaust, a shiney paint job and a loud radio.
  • I like to help people.

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