Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the 8th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

A shovel! It snowed last night. I had to drive home in it and I was scared, because Jesse was in the car and I need new tires, desprately. Once I got home the snow was beautiful. Then, in the morning, I hated it again! It had started to drizzle and developed this nice "crust" on top. Not so fun. Usually I don't mind shoveling, when it's the light fluffy stuff. This wasn't. It was back breakingly heavy.

4 days til Christmas, am I ready? YES! I am happy to say. I have a few odds and ends to take care of, but for the most part I am ready! Yay! I am really looking forward to it this year. Hopefully I don't let it pass me by like Thanksgiving just about did. Need to take pictures at the family functions again. Another self reminder.

Oh yeah. I do have one minor setback. Yesterday Jesse woke up sick. He has a cough. Chest congestion, I believe. Awesome. His first cold 5 days before Christmas?!? Really? Hopefully he beats it fast and doesn't pass it along to me. So far so good. I should take a vitamin, like right now. Ok, done. Stopping to get a big jug of OJ on my way home. Last time I felt a cold coming on, I drank like half a jug of OJ and somehow it actually worked. The cold disappeared! Too bad Jesse doesn't drink OJ, but I did leave some apple juice for him.

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