Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Can Breathe Now

Surgery went without a hitch. The doc says it was all a success. What a huge sigh of relief.
Wednesday was hard, very hard.
We got there about 6:30am, surgery was scheduled for 7:45. We got checked in. Got Jesse dressed in his hospital gown, went through all the procedural stuff, met with the surgeon, his ENT and the anesthesiologist. Everyone was wonderful. I felt confident leaving my boy in their capable hands. I opted out of the pre-surgical sedation for him because he was so calm when it was offered. Little did I know 30 minutes later he'd be screaming. He was probably just really hungry and tired. The doctor took him away right about 7:45. He was calm when they walked away with him. Otherwise I would have lot it right then and there. We left the pre-op room and headed back to the waiting room. I had to pee so I went in the bathroom. That's where I lost it. I regained my composure before stepping back out into the waiting room.

We decided to step outside and put some stuff in the car and run out for a quick breakfast since neither of us had anything to eat before we got there. We had some lovely fast food breakfast and headed back. Before too long the doc came to see us. She was done! Already! The surgery was estimated at 2.5 hours, and she was done in under 2 hours. They took me back first to see him, he was just waking up. They had me sit on the hospital bed and hold him. He fell asleep in my arms while the recovery nurses talked to me. In a little while they started to take us up to a room, when Paul met us on the way. We got to the room and got him settled in. They gave him morphine for pain. His IV was in his foot. He likes to kick, especially when he's upset. Not a good match there. It was a very long afternoon. It's not easy looking at your child and knowing he's in pain. It just breaks your heart. When the pain meds wore off, it was very obvious. We couldn't make a sound, every little noise woke him up. I spent the night, there wasn't enough room for both of us to stay and Paul needed to take care of his back and sleep in our good bed at home.

The next morning Jesse was off the morphine. He took a few ounces of formula and some apple sauce and his doctor came in to check on him. She asked if he ate, she checked him out then asked if we wanted to go home. I was SO shocked! Yes! Lets go home. Around 10:30am we were on our way home. Amazing.

We all napped once we got home. The past 30 hours or so were pretty hard on all of us. I could tell Jesse was happy to be home. By Friday he was playing, smiling, starting to get back to his old self. Even now he still is in pain, I can tell. Especially in the morning and in the middle of the night, but it's not too bad. Considering the amount of stitches in his mouth, he's doing amazingly well. He's not eating a lot, but he is eating. I am sure he's losing some weight. But we will get past this. The hard part is over... I can breathe now.

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