Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Come and Gone

Christmas has come and gone. It went by fast. Remind me again why people prepare for this day months in advance? Seems like a waste of energy. I still have a little Grinch in me, I guess. Maybe because this holiday wasn't as magical as it was made out to be. It wasn't bad... but it was certainly not magical. Is it my attitude? Or is it just what happens.

I really hate that this holiday is about gifts. I think I mentioned before that I don't remember gifts from Christmas past, I remember the occasion. Which I think is much more important than any material posession. Paul and I cut back dramatically with each other, but I think we both did good. Got a few needed things and a few wanted things. We didn't go overboard with Jesse because we knew he'd be getting a lot from relatives, and we were right about that. I think I liked the scaled back version of Christmas.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents home. Probably the last one they will host for us. They went all out with the food and there was no pressure on when to arrive. It was nice and relaxed, but a bit short if you ask me. But that's how things are when littles are involved. I wish everyone could understand that. The kids played, opened presents and my parents made an awesome surf-n-turf dinner. There were crab legs, tenderloin, green beans, potatoes, I don't even remember what else, probably because there was steak and crab. A nice evening had by all.

Christmas morning we did the usual, opened the gifts that Santa brought, then endulged in stuffed strawberry french toast and bacon. I wished I had some bloody mary's or mimosa's, but I obviously I failed in that planning, but I survived. Jesse went down for a nap and the plan was to head over to Paul's parents when he woke. Which we did, and I warned them we'd be late. They started about 2 and we arrived at 3:15. We got there and our neices already opened their gifts and within 5 minutes we were asked if Jesse would open his. Um, no. He hasn't even warmed up to being here yet. A little time went by and before I knew it, his gifts were piled in the middle of the room and it was expected he open. I think he opened one. Before the night was over, almost all of them got opened, but what fun is that? Being pressured to open gifts. Dumb.
We all survived. Until next year.

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