Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Going Back

That last post, I think I wrote it before new years and never published, which is why I am doing 2 posts in one day. NYE was good. Paul's parents took Jesse for the night. We hit the bar for a couple hours to be social, then headed home. We got back about 10:45-11 so we could ring in the new year at home and without the dangers on the road. We had a great time.

Last week Paul got the letter that he's been dreading. The one requests his presence at work. Yup, back to work. Honestly I don't know how he can go back to work when he's still heavily medicated and in pain. I guess we'll see how this all goes. The letter states "We are happy to hear you are feeling better." Um, what?? Who told you he's feeling better? Is this what you are assuming because he was released to light duty? Well you are mistaken.

Since the arrival of the letter Paul's been filled with anxiety. Yes, he wants to return to work. He wants to get out of the house, he wants to earn income. But he hasn't worked in 2 years, he's still in pain, his company hasn't exactly treated him well, etc. This will be quite an adjustment.... for all of us. Jesse is going to miss the time with his Daddy, I will miss the help maintaining a household and I am going to miss coming home to him. Sounds like little stuff, this I know, but none of us adjust to change very well, but we will get through it, we always do.

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