Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mom & Dad to the Rescue

I've never asked my parents for money, never really had to, I could always manage on my own. Times have been really tough for us lately. Paul's making a lot less money on workman's comp. Yes, they are paying 2/3 of his salary, BUT he can't do side work and doesn't get tips anymore. So his pay is cut by more than half. I called my Mom the other day asking for advise, without having to sell our stuff or file for bankrupcy. She told me she was going to make some calls and get back to me. Yesterday Mom calls and asks for my account number and bank name. She says she has a check that she's going to deposit into my account. I never asked for it. It's not a whole heck of a lot, but it's more than a couple hundred bucks. It will definitely help us get through a couple months. They just ask that we pay it back once we get the workman's comp settlement.

Now I feel bad that Paul and I are going to a concert this Sunday! We bought the tickets months ago, who could have known. Granted we could sell them, but we already sold the 311 tickets we had for tonight's show. I'm considering this our last hurrah before the holidays and before the baby comes. I just hope I am not miserable the whole time because I'm knocked up! I am hoping we get there early so we can get a balcony spot.

Still waiting on the surgery details, Paul has an appointment next Tuesday to schedule it.

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