Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomorrow's the "Big" Day

Just a few updates first....
I got the email from Paul's doctor. It's a minimally invasive surgery. Doesn't seem that bad. They will go into his back and cut out the bad oparts of the herniated disc and leave what's good behind. Nothing will be inserted. Minimal recovery. Just doesn't seem like a perminant fix to me. But I guess the doctors know what they are doing. For now we have to wait for workman's comp to approve the procedure and they will probably send him for a second opinion, which I'd want anyway.
I've also hired the lawyer, since surgery is the outcome. I sent in the paperwork today.

As far as Coda, she's driving me bonkers. Saturday she pulled a staple out so I took her back to the vet, they gave me sedatives. Basically if I knock her out for a couple days she'll finally get to heal. She was too far healed for more stiches or staples and she was driving me up the wall with the damn cone, she like attaches herself to me when it's on. How am I supposed to get anything done with a dog in a cone attached to my leg?
I talked to my neighbor between is and the people with the other dog from the fight. He said they are generally nice people but the dog is mean. He said he would talk to them for us so it didn't start a neighborhood war. We have not gotten an update from him yet.

And so tomorrow's the big day. I have my 20 week ultrasound. :)
I am actually 19 weeks because I started my appointments a week early and I need to go in every 4 weeks. The doctor will check for any abnormalities and hopefully he can tell us the sex of the baby. I really hope everything is going well with the pregnancy and we are able to find out if it's a boy or a girl. It sure would make picking out names so much easier. We have a small handful of girls names we like, but don't have a single boys name! Which probably means it's a boy, right? It's so hard becuse our last name starts with an R, ends with an N and is only one sylable. Certain boy names just sound horrible. There's a few I like, but Paul doesn't care for them. I think we will both know it once we hear the right name.

Girls names: Frances June, Abagail June, Jacy Frances, Callie, Celeste
Boy names (that just I like): Ryder, Joshua, Dallas, Eric, Jeremy, Caleb

His Grandmother's name was Frances, mine was Elizabeth June, but she often went by just June. He's like to incorporate his Grandfather's name into the boys name, but I just don't like it for a first name, Theodore.
After we find out tomorrow and see the little one on the ultrasound, maybe this will get easier.

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  1. Jeremy is no longer an option.
    I like Jesse now too.
    Maybe Clayton?