Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, Paul does need surgery, on two things. He asked the doctor to email him the information because he knew he wouldn't remember enough to relay everything to me. Basically, the badly herniated disc. I think they will be inserting a plastic one. There's also something wrong with the canals (?) that are interfering with his nerves, so that needs to be worked on as well. Now we have to wait for workman's comp to send him for a second opinion and to approve the surgery. Who knows how long this could take. We just want him to be all better before the baby comes in April.

The dog thing.... I went to the nrighbors last night, they weren't home. But when Paul got home he said the exact thing I said, we need to talk to them and let them know what happened. Paul wants to talk to the neigbor between us first though. He knows them better than us, so maybe he'll have some insight so we don't start a war.

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