Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving is almost here

Today is Tuesday, Thanksgiving is Thursday. I can't wait to see family! I love my family functions. I'm making green bean casserole and bringing a pecan pie. Going to Aunt Carries this year. Last year we went to Paul's Aunt Kathy's (his Dad's sister). It was OK, but it's his family not mine. So of course it's not as fun for me, plus there's always some awkwardness when we are with his family. I really don't know what it is exactly, but it sems they don't like us much. So we'll be getting together with his immediate family on Sunday for pizza. I hope they get something I like. I can't do sausage while pregnant and I hate mushrooms on pizza.

Still no more names for the baby. My mother in law reserved the name Henry for her next dog... who reserves a name for their dog? My mother in law, apparently. Not that Henry is on the top of the list or anything. I just thought that was somewhat odd and quite bold of her. It's her father's name. Paul said she hated her father and probably wants to name her dog that so she can kick it around. Nice, huh? Oh, and she's told us this at least 3 times. I got it the first time, and second.

Paul just got out of his doctors appointment. I guess they want to do the surgery soon, before the end of the year if workman's comp approves it. Yikes! But this is a good thing, we really want this done before the baby comes. The doctor asked all sorts of questions about my pregnancy too, because he knows this will impact my life as well. I just want him to be fixed.

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