Thursday, November 4, 2010


I guess this is a reminder for myself. I have been questioning a lot of friendships lately (with good reason). Not just since Paul's surgery, but since I had the baby too. You really see people's true colors in times like these. Some good, some bad. But I am thankful I am aware of this.

A true friend doesn't care when you're broke, what you weigh, if your house is a mess, about your past, or if your family is filled with crazies. They love you for who you are. A true friend can go long periods of time without speaking to you & never question the friendship. They understand your life & circumstances.

On another note... I read a blog today, a blog I read pretty regularly. She talked about gray days and what brings you color. I have had so many gray days lately.... but what brings me color is the smile from my sweet little boy. Spending as much time with him as possible, even if it means keeping him up a little later at night and waking him up in the morning. He'll make up that sleep when he naps during the day which I am sure his daycare provider will appreciate. Another thing that brings me color is realizing that these events in my life will make me a better, wiser person. A better wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter. I was meant to do this. This is sculpting me into my future me, the person I need to be to be able to handle my future challenges. When Jesse's next surgery comes around, it should be a piece of cake, right?

Just one more thing. I voted on Tuesday. I take pride in it and as inconvenient as it was, I still managed to take 15 minutes out of my life to go and just do it. Paul and I don't agree when it comes to politics. He was unable to vote (because he forgot to get a mail in ballot), so for once, our votes didn't cancel each other out. Ha!

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