Monday, April 18, 2011

More needles

Paul has another myelogram today. More needles in his spine. This will be his 3rd myelogram. Lets not forget numerous steroid injections too (I think he's had 6 or 7, I lost track). He's been having pain since his surgery in October. He had an MRI a few weeks ago that showed a lot of scar tissue. The myelogram will show if the scar tissue is what's causing his pain. It's likely that the scar tissue is pressing on a nerve. If that's the case it's good and bad news. It means he will have to have another surgery to remove the scar tissue. Of course he doesn't want to have more surgery and we aren't sure if it will come back or not, but at least we'll have an answer. His Dad took him to the hospital for this. I'm glad his Dad was willing and able to help out. I am running out of vacation/sick days and I am not even half way through the year yet! Paul has an appointment on Friday to get the results. I have the day off for Good Friday, so I think I am going to go with.

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