Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

The lake was awesome. I needed that. I must say though, it was a bit hectic having the whole family there, coordinating naps and such. I took pictures. Not as many as my goal, but at least I captured some perfect moments, like this one...

How I adore my father and how he is with his Grandkids. He never had any boys so his 2 grandsons are very special to him.

The weather was perfect, warm enough to enjoy the sun and not sweltering hot. A nice 80 degrees with a breeze off the lake. Family meals (which is a thing for my family), kids playing, laughter, conversation. This is the kind of stuff that feeds my soul.

Jesse wasn't a huge fan of the boat, which you probably can't tell from the above picture. He enjoyed being on Grandpas lap, but that was about it. I don't think he liked the wind. Shortly after that picture was taken he was passed out.
He just loved rides on the golf cart and running around at Aunt Heathers place. She has a lot of open room. He ate all table food too. I was very proud that he ate everything we gave him. Turns out, he loves grapes! But really, I think he'll eat any kind of fruit.

We had Father's Day brunch in the yard by the beach under the tent leftover from a party the day before. It was a pot luck thing, everyone brought a dish. Except me, I got a giant jug of OJ. It got finished off, so I guess that was a good choice. Jesse enjoyed a lot of food from brunch. He loves eggs and fruit, so brunch is a good meal for him. I was feeding him some egg dish with spinach and sausage, he couldn't get enough of it. Later I found out it had bleu cheese in it. That comes from Paul's side. They are bleu cheese freaks!

I couldn't get him to smile for a picture with his Daddy

But he sure likes exploring Daddy's mouth.

And wearing Daddy's sunglasses.

We even managed to get a family photo. I am sure Paul's not going to like it because it's less than flattering for him. And Jesse's passed out hiding my not so flattering parts, but hey, it's a family picture and we don't have many.

Paul had a hard time with pain from the car rides. It probably wasn't worth it to him, but I needed to go and it was good for Jesse too. This place is in my blood and always will be, I've been coming here since I was 5 days old. Uncountable memories.

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