Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making the Next Step

I can't believe my little boy is 4 months old already! Tomorrow we have a pediatrician appointment. Jesse will be getting the second round of shots. Fun fun. I will make sure he gets his Tylenol. I also plan on asking about cereal. My sister gave her son cereal around this time and it seems Jesse may be ready. He's been eating multiple bottles at one sitting. All the books say 4-6 months when your baby has doubled his birth weight. I don't think Jesse's weight is quite there, but he seems hungry, which is also a sign. He needs to be able to sit up, supported. He can sit up on the couch. I guess I need to get that high chair pad so we can use the high chair. Paul's sister is giving me her Bumbo chair this weekend. That will be ideal until he gets a little bigger. It's purple, because Jill has 2 girls. At least it's not pink. They are like $35, so Jesse will have to deal with purple. What an exciting milestone.

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