Thursday, July 15, 2010

The stress continues

Paul scheduled his surgery for July 29th. He was sent back to work on light duty starting July 5th, but because he got on the surgical schedule, the doctor took him back off work. We get a call the day after Jesse's surgery from our WC attorney, the surgery has been denied by WC due to "suspicious activity". Basically because he was sent back to work then taken right back off, they consider that suspicious. His work and the workman's comp company both congradulated him on his recovery when the work status report said "worsening pain... awaiting surgery". How can they possible think he's recovered? Then deny surgery because you didn't read the paperwork? Isn't this special. So they sent him for an Independent Medical Evaluation (2nd opinion) at Midwest Orthopedics at Rush hospital. The appointment was this morning. They told him he could not be late or his appointment would be cancelled. He left early, since Rush is downtown. He left at 6:35 for his 9:45 appointment. It's now 10:50 and he's still sitting in the waiting room. He said the place is a zoo.

So anyway, in the past week Paul got all the information about his surgery. He's not happy. We found out he will be in the hospital 4-6 days and he will be very restricted for 4-6 weeks. No driving for a month and a back brace for 3 months. He's having bone grafted from his hip and placed in his back. He has to stop smoking this week and he cannot smoke for 6 weeks minimum after the surgery. They would like him to quit totally to ensure proper fusion. What happens is they take out the bad diskc and replace them with the bone from his hip. During the 3 month recovery time, the vertibre and inserted bone should fuse together. They will also be supported with plates and screws.

The first 2 weeks will be a little rough because we don't have daycare yet. Cheryl is going to start watching Jesse daily starting August 16th. So between the surgery and the 16th I will have to rely heavily on my sister Kelly and family. I hate to make Kelly watch him every day, but she is willing to do it if need be.

Paul is very scared and depressed. At least we have Jesse's surgery behind us.

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