Friday, October 29, 2010


Paul is getting better. Baby steps. Hoping for a good Halloween weekend.
We went for the post-op appointment on Wednesday. Dr. K said Paul's doing good so far. He wants him to walk more. In a month he'd like him to be able to walk a mile and a half. Works for me. I am ready to get back to walking, I am sure Jesse and Coda are too. The doctor took x-rays, which look like he wanted them to. We are hoping they look just as expected when he goes back in a month. Here's what an x-ray of a double spine fusion looks like. The strange circles and square rings are the metal from his brace. In the middle there are the screws and rods that are holding his spine together. This hardware will be there forever. I am told they don't set off metal detectors, we shall see next time we fly.

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