Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Friends

In the past couple weeks I have made some new friends. Not that I really have much time for new friends, but I think these people have the potential of being a meaningful part of mine and Jesse's lives.

A week and a half ago I met another cleft Mom and cleft baby. I met Rachel in 2 ways. We met on the Cleft Advocate Board and also from Marty and Sara. I have been friends with Marty and his sister since grade school. Rachel is a friend of Sara's. So I get invited out to Rachel's parents house for the football game. Marty and Sara went as well with their 6 month old little girl. We met Rachel and Haven. Haven was born in June with a cleft lip. She had her lip surgery in September. Much to my surprise, shortly after arriving I found out that Rachel's sister Amanda is married to Sean. Sean is the son of very good friends of my parents! Small world. I saw Sean when we were invited to his wedding a few years back, but before that I really hadn't seen him since we were all kids. So not only did I get to meet another cleft Mom and baby, but I got to see and catch up with Sara and Marty AND I got to catch up with Sean. What a great day. I hope I can see them all again soon!

Sara is an awesome photographer and she took this picture of Jesse that day.

January 16, 2011

The other friend is a girl from the Mom's Group I am in. I have not been to many functions with the group, but I try to be active in the group posts. I have only met a small handful of these women and for short periods of time, but they are all great women to be associated with. I met one woman twice briefly and we seemed to have made a connection. We talked about getting together, but we were both a little busy, until this past weekend. Her daughter is having surgery tomorrow so her Mom was in town and she was able to get out of the house. We went to Chili's for dinner then we talked, and talked, and talked. We left Chili's and talked some more in the car, then I drove her home and we talked some more! I am not exactly sure why we bonded so well. We come from such very different backgrounds and very different current lifestyles, but it doesn't seem to matter. Maybe that gives us more to talk about! Another reason to bond is because both our children have upcoming surgeries. Her daughter has a much more invasive, serious surgery than Jesse, but regardless, it's surgery and any form of surgery is scary. I hope I can be a good support for her and she can for me. It's very scary watching a loved one go into surgery. In the past year I have watched it happen 3 times. You want your loved one to have the surgery so they can get better, but the fear and anxiety is extremely hard to deal with. I will be thinking of her and her daughter a lot in the next few days.

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