Thursday, January 20, 2011

We got the call

After waiting patiently for a week I finally recieved the surgery scheduling call on Wednesday. A call I had been waiting for. A call I was excited to get. Then I got it and the second I hung up the phone, my heart sank. The reality set in. My little baby has to go under the knife again! I knew this would happen from day one, but I thought I'd be much stronger by now. Not so strong that it wouldn't effect me, but strong enough that it wouldn't make me cry. Well, I have not actually weaped yet, but I've had the tearing up. I need to weap, it will come, I know it's there and needs to get out, just not sure when it will happen.

So the date is February 16th. When I got the call she told me February 23rd, but called back 15 minutes later and said it needed to be the 16th because the plastic surgeon would be out of town the week after the 23rd and wanted to be available for us. Of course I jumped the gun and emailed all our friends and family with the date before I got the second call so I had to send out a correction email. I guess I could have waited longer, but it's not like I thought they'd ever call back and change it within 15 minutes!

So that is set. Only 25 days away.

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