Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disappointment or Opportunity?

Paul had an appointment this morning with his back doctor. He called me after the appointment and he was pretty disturbed. Work comp never approved the steroid injection. This was safe to assume since it was requested a month ago and still hasn't happened. The doctor was bothered by this as well. So the doctor gave him a steroid pack, more pills. He also sent him back to physical therapy, which work comp won't pay for anymore, but doc says, "we'll worry about the bill later". Both of them are upset because someone is sitting behind a desk at the work comp insurance company determining Paul's medical treatments which also means they are determining his future and quality of life. They are going by the book and at 7 months post-op he should no longer need therapy or steroid treatments and should be preparing to go back to work. But Paul's case is not by the book. Paul is not better or in any condition to go back to work.

When he called me all upset I had to do the ol' cup is half full thing. I have to, even if I don't believe it myself all the time. I need to keep him from sinking too low, even though I am following closely behind. He said something along the lines of "summer is almost here and it will be another summer wasted". I told him he can't look at it that way. I told him to look at this as another summer off. Take advantage of your time off and find a hobby, go fishing, get a tan. What I'd give to spend an extra day at home with Jesse or to have some free time to catch up on sleep or relax on the deck. Would I sacrifice my back even if it meant pain on a daily basis? Maybe. But my second thought is that I don't know what it's like. I am not in pain every day. I don't have physical restrictions. I can bend over and tie my shoes, I can pick up my son, he can't.

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