Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

So this year I couldn't really decide what I wanted to do for Mother's Day. The zoo? The park? Nothing? Hang out with my sister? The zoo idea I posted on facebook a week or two prior. Some people replied and said things like "pure insanity" and "tried that once, it was a disaster"... stuff like that. So at that point I just dismissed this as an idea for Mother's Day. A few days before Mother's Day I come home and Paul tells me his family is going to the zoo for Mother's Day. I guess someone saw the idea on my facebook but didn't see the comments to follow. What?!? Are they crazy? The initial shock factor subsided and I decide, ok if I don't go, I will look like an ass to his family. Because you know, this was my idea. Also, if I don't come up with something else then what? I'll be sitting at home doing chores like any other Sunday. I do have a zoo membership, so what the hell. Why not? We'll go and if it's crazy and we are miserable, we just leave and go to a park and enjoy the beautiful weather.

So Sunday morning came, I spent an extra 1/2 hour in bed than I intended, but it was worth it. I am one of the lucky mothers who's baby sleeps until 8am (as opposed to 5, 6 or 7am). This day he slept til 8:30. I was going to get up before him to get started on preparations, but as I sat up, Paul tells me, "Just stay", so I did.

We got up, got showered, started packing the diaper bag, the lunch cooler, feed Jesse, load the car and miraculously we were out the door by 9:45. The goal was 9:30, but 9:45 is not bad at all. Made a quick breakfast drive-thru stop and we were off. Paul's family was meeting there at 10:30 and we actually made it on time! That's rare for us.

The day was nice, the weather was perfect. Yes, it was crowded, but not much more than any other Saturday or Sunday. It was a good day. Jesse liked the fish in the Living Coast the best. He'd watch and point. "s that?" That's baby for "What's that?" He also loves watching the birds in the free flight areas. At the end of the day my Mother in Law got him a ticket for the Carousel. He loved it! No pictures. :( The camera was acting up.

We got home in the late afternoon. We took the long way home. The highway was backed up, the weather was beautiful and Jesse sleeps well in the car. When we got back to town we stopped at the grocery store and Paul picked up the fixin's for one of my favorite meals, Grilled Greek Chicken Pitas. So for the remained of the eveing we hung out on the deck and in the yard and smelled those wonderful grill smells.

I will remember this Mother's Day for a long time.

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