Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Toy... Well, New to Me

When Jesse was born I wanted a new camera. My Sony is awesome and I still love it. But it's still just a fancy point-n-shoot. It gets the job done, but my heart still wanted a DSLR. Shortly after Jesse was born a friend of mine gave me her Canon DSLR to use. It was an awesome gesture.  She told me I could keep it until her teen-age daughter wanted it back. Good deal. So I did. I used it, but didn't really leave the house with it. I took good care of it because I didn't want anything to happen to it because of course, it was not mine. This friend is moving out of state and selling a lot of her stuff. Less to move and earning money to finance the move. I hesitated in saying anything about the camera that I still posessed because I wanted to squeeze every last moment I could with it before I had to give it back.

Last week we were chatting and the camera came up. I actually got nervous. I asked if I could buy it from her and much to my surprise, she said yes! We agreed on a price, which was below my $100 limit. I saved $100 from my Chrismas money (ok that was all of my Christmas money) for just this reason. She told me her daughter never got back into photography and if she changes her mind, they can always pick one up down south because everything is cheaper down there. Yes, anything under $100 is quite the bargain, but it's old and worn, but it works. It has less mega-pixels than my Sony and doesn't shoot video like my Sony, but it can do so much more. I will have more creative freedom and I can use it with studio equipment. Not that I have studio equipment, but one day...

Last night I stopped by and paid her for the camera so it's now officially mine. A small step forward with my photography, but alas, a step forward. Now maybe I will take more pictures. I have the freedom to bring it places and not worry about damaging someone elses property.

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