Monday, May 23, 2011

Taste of Summer

Had a great weekend. Good enough to blog about. We didn't do anything amazing or spectacular. It was a weekend of enjoying the small stuff. My little man is walking now, so that opens the door to new adventures. Paul and I decided to let loose a little Friday night after Jesse went to bed. I made a pitcher of Summer Shandy, Paul grilled and we had a fire, it was nice.

Saturday morning I got up with Jesse, Paul slept in (he was up VERY late). Jesse and I played outside for a bit, ran out for some necessities, then he went down for a nap, a LONG nap. I took advantage and crawled into bed for a bit myself. After we were all napped up, we decided we were going to go to the FREE Taste of BB. The weather was perfect for it. We have never been, but after one of the summer events we went to last year in town, we decided we would hit these things more often. I checked out the event online and for us, it's all about the music. We wanted to wait a bit because the high school's jazz band was playing first and there were 2 rock bands playing after that and we waited so we could just have dinner there. We went over there about 6pm. There were booths set up with food from local establishments and the band was playing in the band shell. We walked around for a bit and eyeballed the food that was offered and the prices. Everything was about $2 or $3, they were small portions (to go along with taste of) but not too small. We watched the band and had our tastes, we went back and forth. We had about 5 or 6 in all. We let Jesse play in the grass a little, he just wanted to pull off his shoes and walk on the paved path, lol. Jesse really enjoyed the music, I think I watched him jam more than I watched the band. We stayed a few hours and left when the sun was going down, it was just about time to get Jesse to bed.

Sunday started like any other Sunday. The weather was warm, giving us another taste of summer. Jesse went down for his mid-day nap and one of Paul's old friends stopped by. After some good conversation and Jesse waking from his nap, it was time to go to a birthday party. A friends daughter's 7th birthday. Jesse did all sorts of discovering. He didn't much care for the jump house, lol.

Once again I failed in the photo department. Yes, the photographer didn't even bust out a camera all weekend. I guess I'd rather enjoy the small stuff and not watch life through a camera lens. Taking pictures for me is like a planned event. A camera is always with me, yet I don't use it. I need to work on that.

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