Monday, August 8, 2011


I went to a party over the weekend. It was a friends birthday. I almost didn't go because Jesse hasn't been feeling well. I figured, if he's tired and crabby I can just leave. It started early and I was told kids are welcome.

We get there, we are social with people there. All is well. Then this other couple shows up. They talk about how they have an 8 month old, and they were observing Jesse and some things they have to look forward to. The guy said something about his baby being home sleeping. Paul has met the guy a few times before, I know I have met him too, but neither of us really "know" him or his wife. They seem pretty normal.

The party goes on, Jesse gets tired and crabby, so I decide it's time for me and him to go, Paul decides to stay and catch a ride from a friend of ours. When Paul got home he told me some things that happened at the party after I left. I guess the girl was over talking to the other girls for a while then stepped away. The guy walks away from Paul to get himself a beer and walks up to the group of girls and asks if his wife pissed them off yet? Then says something about how she went to check on the baby. I guess all hell broke loose. The group of women (all of which I know) start yelling and threatening to call the police. This couple left their baby home alone! The second Paul told me my heart just dropped. I am shocked and appalled. Had I been there I would have called the police, no doubt. Really, did these people think this was ok because they only live a few blocks away and she was sleeping! That is not acceptable in any way, shape or form.

So then Paul proceeds to tell me that the guy has a bad alcohol problem, was bragging about how he finishes a 30 pack of beer in a day or two. He was also upset that his wife drank so much vodka and said he was going to beat her when they got home. Are you serious?!? I couldn't even sleep because I was so upset by what I heard. People like this don't deserve to have children.

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