Monday, May 24, 2010

Canoe Trip

We had a blast! I think the time away was good for both of us. Jesse stayed with Paul's parents and that went really well! What a relief! He didn't really eat as much as he should have, but overall he did well with them.

The canoe trip was a blast and we had perfect weather for it. Not too cool and not too hot. I think it was in the high 70's. Plus there was no drama. We like it when there's no drama. There were 12 of us that did the canoe thing. We tied all the boats (6) together and just floated down the river and did some drinking and laughing. It was awesome. We got back to the campsite, cooked dinner and almost everyone passed out. We stayed up and hung out wuth Becky, Rory and Shawn. Lots of laughs are good for the soul.

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