Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Another busy week over. I am so looking forward to the long weekend and spending time with Jesse (and Paul). Paul gets to be with him all week and I must say I am slightly jealous. He does have his hands full and I am sure I would too if I were in his shoes. Someone has to work. I have a half day today, so 3 1/2 days off! Maybe I'll get some sleep. Plus, the weather should be beautiful. We invited people over on Sunday and Monday I think we are going to my sisters. They haven't seen Jesse in like a month. Jesse had his weigh in on Tuedays and Thursday Paul had another steroid injection, so we are due for some relaxing. We are going to find somewhere to walk this afternoon, maybe the zoo again or just walk around in downtown Naperville or something. Walking is good for his back. Him and Jesse walked in Naperville after his appointment on Tuesday, he was still talking about it yesterday how much he enjoyed himself. I plan on taking lots of pictures this weekend, hopefully I actually do. I usually get caught up in things I forget the camera. Some photographer I am. Ha ha

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