Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a great weekend!

I got off work early on Friday and we were going to go to the zoo, but it didn't happen. Paul's back was really bothering him, so we stayed home and enjoyed the afternoon there. We took a nice long walk with Jesse and Coda, so that was nice. We spent the afternoon and evening on the deck and talked a lot. Saturday morning we got up and did yard work and washed the cars. Dave and his parents came over in the early afternoon, his parents have been wanting to meet Jesse. Dave's Mom made Jesse a cross stitch door hanging that says "Shh, Baby is Sleeping" and they gave us savings bonds. The savings bond mystery is over. It was Dave and his parents! We were wondering for weeks who they were from.

I was supposed to get together with a friend, but I nver heard from her. She was going to come over and we talked about going to the pool. Oh well. Later Paul's friend John came over with his girlfriend and son. They were cool. We watched the hockey game on the deck and had some cocktails. It was nice and relaxing.
Sunday we had a party. It was just going to be a few people. What happens when we decide to do things like this is we tell a bunch of people, usually last minute and no one shows. Haha. Not this year! Some people cancelled and some came last minute. It ended up being mostly Paul's friends, plus my sister, her husband and their son. It was a good turn out. No drama. Nothing got broken or stolen. I call that a success. Darrell and Cheryl and their kids didn't come, like we expected them to. That kind of annoyed me because they said they were going to bring kabobs. I am glad Paul went and got extra meat that morning. People were gone by like 10. Glad it didn't go til all hours of the morning.
Yesterdy we did mostly nothing. That was nice. I took pictures of Jesse.

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