Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1 Week from Today

So surgery is next Wednesday. I hope the weather is good so we can do some things this weekend before we are stuck at home with a crabby baby recovering from surgery. I hope tonight we can go to the Concert in the Park too. Paul went to his doctor today and that really threw us for a loop. Workman's comp is requiring Paul to be released back to work on light duty until he has surgery. The doctor said surgery in 6 weeks, which is the week of August 16th. That's not too bad. At least Jesse will be healed by then and Cheryl will be back to do daycare for Jesse full time. We are not happy about this being sent back to work thing. It's not that I expect them to let Paul be off work to take care of Jesse, but they won't even let him take time off after the surgery. Like for instance, if he was not injured and working, he would use vacation time and take a week or two off. But since he's been off since the beginning of the year, he has no vacation time (employees become ineligible for vacation time if you are not working for more than 30 days) and will have to go back to work after the holiday weekend. Thankfully we got them to change the release date to July 5th instead of tomorrow. This still really blows. I only have 7 vacation days to spread between this surgery, Paul's surgery and Jesse's 2nd surgery or I have to take unpaid time off. God forbid I get sick! I understand how workmans comp works though. We have a call in to the attorney, maybe he can shed some light on this situation.

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