Tuesday, March 15, 2011

4 Weeks Post-Op

We went for our post-op appointment today. Dr. S said he's healing "perfectly". Hooray! He can resume a normal diet in 2 weeks, just in time for birthday cake. She was very impressed with the new sounds he's making and we were happy to report he hasn't had anything come out his nose. Before surgery it was quite common for Jesse to sneeze during a meal and when he sneezed, food always came out his nose. So now that food isn't coming out, that's another sign that the surgery was a success. We go back in May to meet with the whole team. She mentioned that he may need a lip and nose revision since one side of his lip is fatter than the other, but said that's much easier to fix and much better than a pull (where his lip appears as if something is pulling up on it). We will keep an eye on it as he grows, if he were to need that, it wouldn't happen until he's 5ish, she would do the revision before he started Kindergarten. She also mentioned that she doesn't think he will need dental surgery, but will definitely need braces. This is something that won't be evaluated until he's older. So great news all around!

Bathtub Pic!

Paul had his MRI last Tuesday, still waiting to hear the results.

My sister is pregnant, due at the end of the month. She lost her mucus plug this morning, so her baby girl is coming soon, maybe even today!

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