Monday, March 7, 2011

A Good Weekend and More Medical Drama

So things are finally getting better at home with Jesse. He still isn't sleeping through the night, but at least he's going back to bed after a late night feeding. We had a good weekend. Saturday Jesse finally got to meet my Godparents and they were thrilled to finally meet him. They live about 5-6 hours away and were caring for my Godfather's Mom until recently when she passed away. She always has and always will have a special place in my heart. For the last several years it's been hard for them to leave her alone. So seeing them was nice and long overdue.

After we saw them, my sister and I took our son's to see our Grandmother at the nursing home. She's 93 years old and not so "together". The visit started off hard. She was obviously experiencing some dimensia and was very angry and suicidal. She left the room on a very bad note. My sister is there much more than I so I suggested she talk to one of Grandmas nurses. She did and she came back in tears. It was hard seeing her upset like that, but I also understand that she's 8 months pregnant and emotional right now. A few minutes go by and Grandma comes back a new person. She needed a refresher in who we were but unlike a few minutes earlier she was happy to see us. It was important for me to take Jesse to see her as we aren't sure when her last day will be. I have taken Jesse to see her in the past, but she's always sleeping when I go. I made the decision to not take him to see her until after his lip was repaired as I knew she would not understand what a cleft is. She really enjoyed seeing him and mentioned several times what a cutie he is. I was even able to sit Jesse on her lap and get a few pictures of them. Mission accomplished.

Sunday we took Jesse shopping. I am not a big fan of shopping. I am the type of girl that goes in, gets what I need and gets the hell out. I am not a browser, my husband is. So Paul wants to go and I agree. I make a list of things to get and a list of things to look at and not get; there's several things we'd like to get but need to do research on. Can you believe it? I actually had fun. We found a few dollar toys for Jesse too. He loved looking at all the merchandise and the people and grabbed anything that was within his reach.

It's Monday and low and behold, it started off with medical drama. At least it has nothing to do with Jesse, Paul this time. He needs an MRI. We have been waiting for Work Comp to approve it, in the mean time 3rd party medical services have been calling Paul non stop. This morning they told him they scheduled an MRI for him tomorrow morning at a facility not associated with his doctors office which is too far away for him to travel. He informs them that he will not be going there for his MRI, the lady indicates she will mark in his file that he is refusing and she hangs up on him. After a call to the attorney and a call to Paul's doctors office, we got this resolved and Paul will be having an MRI at HIS doctors office. I don't know what WC is trying to pull, but we are all over it. The MRI is to determine why Paul is in more pain now than he was before surgery.

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