Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Haircut

Tuesday night I took Jesse for his first haircut. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I wasn't sure how Jesse would behave, I wasn't sure if I needed to know a hairstyle I wanted. I know, that seems silly. But if I was asked, "How would you like it cut?", I wouldn't have an answer.

I went home and picked him up and we headed over to my salon. BTW, my hairdresser does first haircuts for free. Score!

We go in and the place is buzzing with ladies, young and old, for cuts and colors. The smell of hair dye lingering in the air. The scent of a salon. Jesse is happy, we sit out front and wait for Regina to complete applying the dye to the woman in front of us. Alex comes over, she's the youngest hairdresser at the salon, she entertains Jesse until her Mom is ready for us. Regina practically announces that her "first haircut" is here! We sit him in the big chair on a booster without any belts to hold him down. Regina says, "Just the basic little boy cut?", "Yes, please." I bust out my pocket cam and away she goes. Her first 2 attempts to start get blocked, then he gave in and the hair begins to fall. I don't think I realized how badly he needed a cut until she started to cut. She even had a certificate for him with a spot for his cut hair.

Trying to block her.

I get to play with the water bottle.

The finished look.

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