Monday, March 28, 2011

A Birthday, A Bulls Game and a Broken Washing Machine

Today my niece will be born. I am sitting here anxiously awaiting the official news, that she's here and everyone is all good. I guess going through Jesse's birth has jaded me. My sister went into labor last night, but never progressed, so this morning they induced her. I talked to my brother in law on my lunch break and she was dialated to a 5. That's not very far for 4 hours. This is how mine went but Jesse was "sunny side up" and kind of stuck. My plan is to head up there after work after a quick stop at home and a stop to my parents to start a load of laundry.

Yup, my washing maching broke over the weekend, just what we needed. At least it happened after I got most of it done, but I wasn't able to get Jesse's clothes done and he's starting to run low. Paul's going to see what he can do and determine if we need to call a repair guy. We were able to fix it last time, so I hope we get lucky with that again.

Friday afternoon my boss came in after an all day meeting in Indiana. He started telling me how their dog has been sick the past couple days. Then drops 2 Bulls tickets on my desk and asks if Paul and I want to go. He felt he should stay home with the dog. YES! I told him I needed to make a couple calls to make sure, but that I'd love to go. I call Paul, he's in. I call my mother in law and she was happy to watch Jesse. SWEET! My first Bulls game. My boss told me to leave early so we can get down to the United Center with some time to spare. We even got a free parking pass. We had a blast AND they won!

Out front, before the game.

I got nothing done over the weekend and we had a huge to-do list to prepare for Jesse's birthday party next weekend. Paul wants to clean the carpets, but I say, why don't we do that AFTER the party? It's just immediate family coming, who do we have to impress, then if anyone tracks any mud onto the carpet we won't have to clean twice. That's just me. Paul always feels the need to try to impress. Not that I want my house trashed or anything, but we aren't putting it on the market or anything, it's just a party.

Speaking of party, I have no clue what I am getting him! It's less than a week away and I haven't figured it out yet. I gave everyone else ideas, but didn't save one for myself. Guess I better figure it out. But for now I am focused on the little girl that will be arriving any minute.

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