Monday, March 21, 2011

Nature's Light Show

This weekend was crazy, in the way that things somehow worked themselves out, I think. Friday I found out that my daycare provider no longer wanted the job. She's a close family friend of ours and I knew this day would come, but I wasn't sure when. She had a really hard time telling me, in fact she's been wanting to say something for a while now. When she started she committed to one school year. She started when her kids went back to school in August. It's worked out great for everyone, until he became mobile. I knew she was having a hard time. Now we are on the brink of walking. Her house isn't exactly the best place for a toddler, I know this. She spends a lot of time chasing him around so he doesn't get hurt. Due to this, she's not taking very good care of her home and her family, which is what needs to come first and I totally understand that. I understand this is what she needed to do and there's no hard feelings at all. The fact that she was able to help us out for this long was a lifesaver! She loves my son and always will. She will still be there for him if we ever need her. She also said she would continue to watch Jesse until we found someone we are comfortable with.

Of course, being how I am, I posted something about this on facebook almost immediately to see if anyone would come out of the woodwork, and someone did. I went on facebook Saturday morning and I saw someone comment, "You can always drop him off at my house. I am home all day with 2 kids already :)". She's not a close friend, but an aquaintence. I know she loves kids and I know she does stuff with her kids. We exchanged a few emails and I really think this will work out for all of us. Jesse can probably help occupy her 3 year old, maybe even the 7 month old too. One big factor that will be nice, she's close to my work. Which means I can see him on my lunch and I can be there fast if anything comes up. I almost think this is better than having someone close to home. Paul, Jesse and I are going over there tonight after work to see if we all get along. She posted on facebook this morning that she's excited to meet Jesse. I also want our husbands to meet, they are both musicians. :)

I really thought it would take weeks, if not months to find someone who we like and can afford. So lets hope this is what I am looking for.

Paul got his MRI results. Good news and bad news. The good news is that all his new hardware is still in place. The bad news is that his has a lot of scar tissue (which could be causing his nerve pain) and they told him he has the back of an elderly person. He's not taking that last part very well, as I would expect from him. Not really sure where we go from here. He'll find out at his appointment on Friday when he sees the doctor.

Saturday was beautiful, sunny and not so cold (I don't think I can say warm yet). After Jesse's midday nap I took him outside and put him in the walker. How he loved his freedom, the wind blowing, the sun shining. More to come little guy.... plenty more to come.

My favorite part of this weekend.... last night when the storms rolled in. Jesse and I sat in front of the front window and watched natures spectacular light show. It was like watching fireworks. I don't want Jesse to be afraid of thunder and lightening and it was cool hanging out in the dark, just the two of us.

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